Finding a Custom Signage Company in Singapore for Events

Finding a Custom Signage Company in Singapore for Events

Signages are crucial to running your events smoothly. From pointing your guest in the right direction to giving them the essential information they need; you cannot underestimate the role of signages at your events.

If you don’t know about signages for events, you might be wondering:

“What are custom signages for events?”

“Why do I need them?”

What are Custom Signages for Events?

Custom Signage CompanyCustom signages for events show your guests vital information like directions to the restroom or events rooms. Signages might look like minor details that you can handle at the last minute, but they are crucial to helping your guests have a great experience.

Suppose you are at an event and you need to use the restroom urgently but have no idea where the bathroom is, and the organizers did not put up directional signage for this.

Another instance would be that you have found the restroom, but now have no idea how to get back to the event room after using it. You would then end up wandering around the event venue, having missed most of the event program the moment you manage to find the right location. How would you feel? Angry? Disappointed?

For most people, that would be exactly how they would feel and this experience would automatically leave a lasting negative impression of the event in their minds.

To avoid such situations, event organisers need to put up easy-to-understand, straightforward custom signages at strategic places. These signages should be simple and provide the quality information that guests require. Signages that are too complexed or cluttered would defeat their purposes, rendering them useless and almost the same as not having any signage at all since the delegates would not be able to decipher what the signage is trying to say.

What should you consider when designing your signage?

We will cover that in the next section.

What goes into Designing and Building Custom Signages?

Let us talk about what you need to consider when designing and building custom signages for your events.

1. Which type and how many Signages would you need?

You should consider the types of signages you need – directional, zoning, pillars, or inflatable signs.

You might need to consult a custom signage supplier or signage contractor on the different types of signages available.

To determine the number of signages you will need, you should visit the event site itself. That way, you can accurately estimate the type of signs that you would need, and how many signages to fabricate.

2. Come up with what should be on the signages

Firstly, you would need directional signage. These will direct your guests to essential places like the restroom, exit, and event location. These should take priority.

Do keep in mind that your directional signage must be simple, eye-catching, and easy to understand. These would be placed in strategic locations where your guests can see them. For example, you can create signage to put an elevator or escalator landings to direct your guests to the respective floors.

Apart from directional signage, you can also get creative with your signages. For example, placing signages with a list of icebreaking questions at tables enable strangers to create conversations.

To obtain ideas and see what other creative things you can potentially come up with, look for a well-established custom signage contractor to help you out with this.

3. Design your signage

You have two options; decide to handle the signage design yourself or contract it out to the professionals. For best results, your signage must be designed with highly contrasting colours and big fonts. Avoid using too many texts; instead, use pictograms and/ or images to get your point across.

Remember, keep your signage short and straightforward. That way, your guest can quickly absorb the information that you are trying to put across.

4. Get a custom signage contractor/ company to fabricate the signage

To produce your signages, you need a qualified custom signage company in Singapore. Before you choose a signage contractor or supplier, you must remember to do your homework.

What should you check for? What type of custom signage companies should you work with? The following section will cover what you should check for before engaging a signage company.

What to look for when engaging a custom signage company?


1. Go for an experienced custom signage company in Singapore

The first question you should ask is:

Is this signage company experienced enough to handle my production?

Several signage companies parade around without the right experience to handle your custom event signage. You must avoid these types of signage contractors/ suppliers.

Go through their portfolio to see samples of their work. Have they handled event signages before? How did it turn out? You can get this information off their website or social media (if the company does not have any, that might be a red flag!)

2. Check if the company is legitimate

Protect yourself from scams! To be on the safe side, always work with legitimate and duly registered signage companies in Singapore.

Before you engage any custom signage company,

  1. Check their website.

  2. Go through their online presence – social media accounts.

  3. Do they have a physical address on their website? Try visiting their published office address to check on their work environment and how they make their signages.

  4. Be on the lookout for bad reviews or complaints by customers and how these companies handled them.

  5. Read reviews

Before you start working with any signage contractor or signage supplier, make sure you read reviews about the company. Simply search for reviews of the signage company on Google, and you will be able to gather some information.

A better way is to go through their social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram to read reviews left by their past clients. You can also get in touch with some of the clientele listed on their website in Singapore to get more authentic reviews.

Looking for a custom signage company in Singapore for your event?

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  • We help to handle your signage creation process end-to-end; from estimating the number of signages that you will need to designing, building and installing the signages, you can definitely count on us.

Do you have an event coming up, and are looking for event custom signages? Are you looking for a qualified and experienced signage company in Singapore the produces quality signage at pocket-friendly prices? You have landed at the right place! For the best solutions, guidance, and amazing deals for your signage needs, book an appointment with one of our specialists today; contact us at +65 6924 7701 or send an email to with your inquiries and we will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours!


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