Road Show

If you are looking for roadshow logistics management and service for your upcoming series of roadshows, you are at the right place! We can assist you with your new & existing product launch, helping you to increase brand awareness, generate higher sales and new leads, and achieve your team’s KPIs for the year! We have a ready pool of trained promoters which you can tap on to help out in ad-hoc events and roadshows. We are also able to provide storage services, where we can help to deploy your roadshow logistics right from our warehouse which gives you the flexibility to organize any urgent roadshows!

Roadshow logistic and management services provided:
• Set-up, installation, teardown
• Maintenance of roadshow fixtures
• Brainstorm, design, conceptualization, fabrication and execution
• Manpower for event
• Logistics support services
• Storage support services
• Furniture rental

In other words, we are a one-stop solution for your roadshows! Please see pictures for some of the roadshows that we have supported!