Laser Cutting

acrylic laser cutting

Laser cutting is the technology of using the output of a high-powered laser to cut customised designs out of a given material with precision. Laser cutting services are typically utilised for industrial manufacturing applications and by businesses to create displays, signages, and trophies that are durable, classy, and aesthetically pleasing, yet still affordable. 

If you choose to engage our laser cutting services, our in-house design and production team will provide you with the most cost-saving solution for your project, while ensuring speed and quality in finely cutting your materials into your desired shapes and forms. Be it for decoration, advertisement, or branding, BlackMrkt is your reliable laser cutting service provider in Singapore. Our CNC laser cutting facility comprises of teams of skilled professionals that will cater to your every customisation need! 

Acrylic is one of the most popular and inexpensive materials used in laser cutting. This is because we can deliver flame-polished cutting edges without the additional post-processing cost of materials! Acrylic is also widely used due to its incredible durability, making it an excellent alternative to glass. It is lighter, stronger, weatherproof, and resistant over a broad temperature range, whilst retaining the assets of glass such as its translucency and clarity. Laser-cut acrylic designs are a cost-effective solution to establish a professional and luxurious brand presence for your business! Moreover, even if it does break under high impact, it will not shatter the way glass does. Instead, it will simply fracture into large, dull-edged fragments, making it a safer and cheaper alternative to glass. 

Laser-cut acrylic can be used for a large variety of applications, such as shop and exhibition stand constructions, outdoor and indoor signs, architectural model constructions, acrylic trophies, or point-of-sale displays! Additionally, laser cutting services are also highly utilised by hobbyists that desire to create bespoke beauty works for art exhibitions or events. Laser cutting is also highly used in the production of customised gifts in the fashion and jewellery industry, such as laser-cut acrylic badges or crests with customised engravings. 

At BlackMrkt, you can be assured that you will receive the best high-precision laser cutting service that Singapore has to offer. Although most of the process is computerised, our technicians and operations managers run regular maintenance checks to ensure that all our machines are functioning at full capacity — accurate and powerful with an emphasis to detail. We offer you the ultimate precision and fine nature of laser cutting, void of distortion or other cutting faults. We offer you our years of experience and expertise in laser cutting. We offer you the best results.

Looking for laser cutting or engraving services? Our in-house production team will ensure speed, quality and cost-savings for your project! Our CNC laser cutting facility is located in-house and our team of skilled workers will cater to your customization needs!

Types of laser cutting services:

• Acrylic laser cutting
• Acrylic engraving
• Wood laser cutting
• Wood engraving
• Etching services
• Glass laser cutting
• Glass engraving