Acrylic Signage

acylic signage in singapore

There has been an increase in demand for acrylic signages in Singapore, be it for small business owners looking to amplify your brand’s presence, or big shopping malls looking to enhance shoppers’ experience with informative directional signages. At BlackMrkt, our efficient, dedicated and well-trained staff guarantee excellent services, covering every aspect from product design and fabrication to installation and maintenance of acrylic signs! 

Being the one-stop company for all your acrylic signage needs, we will not only strive to be fast and efficient in the delivery of our products and services. We will also pay attention to the needs and preferences of your business to ensure that the design of your acrylic sign will stand out amongst others. 

The uses of acrylic are only limited by one’s imagination! Channelling the creativity and experience of our designers into managing your project, you will be surprised at how acrylic can be used to enhance the visual aesthetics of any signage, such as the layering of coloured acrylic strips! Trust us, we know just how to turn the heads of your potential customers! 

Signages fabricated from acrylic in Singapore have distinct advantages! They are exceptionally durable, malleable, and clear — a cheaper and more flexible alternative to glass. Acrylic signages are also endowed with the ability to take on a variety of different colours, making it extremely versatile and useful in many applications.

According to your requirements, it may be shaped and bent into any form or angle too! Ultimately, acrylic signages give off a visually-pleasing appearance that is both professional and exquisite, which will be great for your brand image.

Moving to a new space? Unsure of what to do or how to decorate your new space? Looking for recommendations for signages and signboards? Want to attract participants to your event? Our team at BLACKMRKT can provide you with the best solution and advice for your signage needs! Be it a sticker 2D signage, twin wall signboard, neon signage or a 3D signage, we advise, design, plan, fabricate and install the signages in-house! At BlackMrkt, we have a wide range of signage solutions ready to cater to your business’ needs:

Types of signages available:
• 2D signage
• 3D signage
• 3D non-lighted/lighted signage
• Neon signage
• Lightbox signage
• Shop signage
• Acrylic signage
• Office signage
• Metal/stainless steel signage
• Directory signage
• Building signage
• Condominium signage
• Self-standing structure signage
• Menu signboard
• Road signage
• Notice/warning signage

We understand that coming up with a design for your brand or business may be confusing, considering all the options you have. Feel free to contact our experienced team of professional consultants at BlackMrkt who are more than ready to advise you and guide you through the process of constructing a suitable acrylic signage for your business!