Regardless of whether you are facilitating a worldwide gathering with more than 1000 representatives or an item dispatch or even a themed party for 50 people, we have the inventive personalities and surrounding one stop answer for your occasions and meetings. Our team of event carpentry specialists will give a one stop answer for occasion administration that incorporates conceptualizing your occasion, giving top notch Audio Visual, manufacture of occasion props and sceneries, ability administration and notwithstanding outlining and printing of your occasion’s advertising securities.

Dyson Singapore

As a pointed contractor for nation wide road show and exhibition in Singapore, we maintain fast and excellent setup and provide event manpower solutions upon requirement.

Mobike Singapore

To the delight of the launched of Mobike in Singapore, our team went beyond just putting together a mere launch for the cheapest dockless bike share of Mobike. Instead, the team conceptualised, managed and execute a thrilling show befitting the guests in the building of F1 Grand Prix Singapore, an exciting show with the graphics that suits the event on that night.

DBS Singapore

We print and install DBS Building Roof Top Sticker over 200sqm.M
Eco Cup Campaign – customize 48 acrylic dust bin for HQ.
2018 DBS Cooperate Gold Challenge Event set

Game Pro

As one of our major regular clients, we ensure smooth set up and impressive outcome based on client’s expectation

Hup Leong Co

Customize, fabricate and booth setup for The Bike Show Singapore 2018

Star Learners Singapore

As part of their nationwide rebranding project, our team design, fabricate and install all advertisement flag pole for all their landed branch and to ensure the best method used for each location.

Etude House

School Attack Campaign – We supply, fabricate and install the campaign backdrop

Aerzen Asia

SIWW 2018 ( Singapore International Water Week ) Booth customization, fabrication and installation.

Nu Skin

SEA Nu Skin LIVE @ Singapore Expo – We supply and set up large amount of system panel rental for 60 booths and 360 manpower support throughout the event.

RIWAY Anniversary – Gala Dinner

Over 300 Event Manpower Supply and Support


Supply and install 3D acrylic lettering and wall sticker printing with installation

OCBC Singapore

Event setup and special booth customization for OCBC CYCLE 2017

Pasar Bella Lightbox

Customize Food and Beverage lightbox

Santino Café Singapore

Event and Booth fabrication and set up

3D Box Up Logo

3D lightbox with Color Changing Effect for GamePro

Large Floor Standing 3D signage