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Are you looking to host an exhibition? Unlike pre-COVID times, businesses tend to work with exhibition spaces to host events such as career fairs, IT fairs or recruitment drives. However, with COVID-19 at hand, only smaller scaled exhibitions can be held. These small exhibitions now lean towards communicating across more informative content, usually found in schools or hospitals. If you’re familiar with temporary exhibitions, you will know that modern system panel rental is fast becoming the best option for many businesses to set up such exhibition areas effectively.

As the name suggests, exhibition panels are used in multiple ways to form makeshift walls and screens for smaller-scaled events at schools, hospitals or even pop-up galleries.

Today, most system panel rental options are modular and designed to assemble quickly and safely. You can be rest assured that most providers can speedily and efficiently mount rental partition walls for your exhibition space if planned well-ahead.


Exhibition Wall Panels and System Panels Rental Benefits


There are several key benefits in incorporating exhibition wall panels and system panels into your exhibit(s) if you have not already been doing so.

1. Deliver high-impact and eye-catching impressions on your customers

Panel displays are eye-catching and are often one of the first things your audience will notice about your exhibit. They also provide very effective means to get your desired messaging or information out to your visitors.

Of course, this will depend on the uniqueness of the set-up of your exhibition panels, along with the customisation injected into your exhibit booth(s).

2. Customisable size and layout to cater to your specific needs

The stands and panels come in many different sizes and heights; from 3m temporary exhibition stands or exhibition wall dividers to 1m low walls for creating walkways, you can completely customize your panels according to what you envision.

Be spoilt for choice with the options available when it comes to choosing the right panels for your exhibit; be it a large folding exhibition system panel or a small partition wall, you can customize to fit everything, ranging from the size of the panel to their configuration on-site!

The versatility of folding panel displays is another key benefit of using them; they can be used for different purposes in a variety of spaces and settings, and you can even choose to upgrade them to boast additional features such as counters, cabinets, or even shelvings, dependent on your needs.

3. Make your presence stand out amongst others with custom graphics

With today’s advanced printing technology, panels can be customized with your own graphics, exclusively tailored to your business.

How can this be done? This is achieved by printing your intended graphics to a rigid material using our in-house advanced printers. The exhibition panel can be printed with vibrant, high impact display colours that can match your business colours, to fit any exhibition stand. They are often light and easy to handle and are most commonly fixed to your exhibition panel stands. Having these printed exhibition graphics will create a stunning backdrop for your exhibition booth that intrigues, impresses, and welcomes potential customers.

4. Enjoy the flexibility and of creating custom experiences for your potential customers

Since system panels are often interchangeable and modular, you can open up your floor staff’s capabilities to engage your customers.

By allowing various configurations due to their interchangeability and modularity, system panels allow you to have tailor-made layouts that can overcome space constraints, allowing your booth to fit your exhibition area space.

This gives your business the perfect opportunity to sell your products or services with the most impactful effect. You can even set up customised experiences such as dark rooms and product showcases for a long-lasting impression and turn conversations into conversions for your business.

Why Choose System Panel Rental Providers Instead Of Buying It Yourself


1. Hiring exhibition panel providers can offer an improved professional impression

Even if you’re able to DIY exhibition panels or partition walls, professional service providers in this industry will often have a neater and much more refined finish in comparison to DIY exhibition system panels.

That way, you can have peace of mind where you are assured that potential customers are likely to be impressed by your exhibition.

2. System panel rentals are much less time consuming than DIY alternatives

While sourcing and attempting to set up your own exhibition panels, configuration plans, customisation options, set-up, and lightings can save you some money, it is often extremely tedious and time consuming for you or your staff.

Leveraging on a one-stop solution provider for system panel rentals will most definitely save you more from the man-hours saved, which can then translate into better use of that time to generate more sales or revenue for the company.

3. Hiring system panel rental providers can provide you with cost-savings due to economies of scale

Apart from saving time, you will also save the hassle and lower your costs when going through one experienced vendor as compared to finding multiple vendors or contractors to set up your exhibition panels.

With the right provider, you and your business will have the capacity to focus your time and energy on growing your business and expanding your customer base without worrying about the nitty gritty logistical issues.

4. Beautify your exhibition booth with other exciting decorations and features

Apart from having ordered the system panels to be the walls of your exhibition, you can now also look at having other features for your exhibition booth that you might not have access to otherwise.

Some commonly sought after options include illuminated furniture, custom strip lighting, and illuminated floors; these are often provided for hire as well when you approach the system and wall display panel vendors.

5. Tap on the skills, expertise and experience of the veteran exhibition specialists

The providers of system and exhibition panels rental are vastly experienced in managing each and every detail of the exhibition booth required. With their expertise, your business will be able to swiftly and effectively navigate the requirements and best-practices of setting up the different exhibition booths confidently, making sure that the right target audiences are reached.

Finding the perfect platform, panel, and fit for your business’s exhibition stand can be frustrating, but it does not have to be with the right solutions partner!

At BlackMrkt, we strive to empower you with the ease of having your exhibition area set up in no time, with the use of our in-house system panels. Sleep with a peace of mind knowing that when engaging us for your exhibition panels, partition walls, and build ups, you are in very good hands! We will advise, provide for and give suggestions for you to boost your business image and presence at a competitive cost, in addition to meticulously setting up the necessary layout(s) that you require.

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