Tips For Hiring A Roadshow Events Company In Singapore

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Tips for Hiring A Roadshow Events Company in Singapore

Many businesses that rely on events for business growth are looking at how they are going to get back to business when the pandemic of Covid-19 is over. However, events were one of the first things to be restricted here in Singapore, and are likely to be one of the last things released from restriction.


Hence, how can your business gain new customers and clients if you are dependent on events? We believe roadshows will be a key element in the return of events to the public. In fact, roadshows are one of the few event types that are currently allowed in Singapore with certain safety guidelines followed.


That said, let’s dive deeper into what is a roadshow event and a few tips you should consider before accepting your next roadshow event proposal from a roadshow events company in Singapore!

What is a Roadshow Events Company and What Do a Roadshow Events Company Do?

A roadshow is a series of events (usually a single day or shorter) run in multiple locations with the aim to reach a larger audience with your message. Essentially the main message of the show is the same across all locations. Your roadshow may travel to each location to ensure the message being delivered is consistent across locations.


This is going to be very handy in the initial post Covid-19 world as it means you can run a series of smaller events (in keeping with the health guidelines) across Singapore whilst still delivering your message to a large number of people.

Hence, a roadshow events company manages the most complex part of running a roadshow – the logistics. A roadshow events company is an expert in managing every logistical step you need to consider when it comes to organising a roadshow. This can include:


  • Set-up, installation and tear down of your roadshow stage

  • Maintenance of roadshow fixtures

  • Brainstorm, design, conceptualization, fabrication and execution of your roadshow event

  • Recruiting and organising the manpower needed for your roadshow event

  • Logistics support services

  • Storage support services

  • Furniture and all other rentals needed


Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Roadshow Events Company in Singapore


  • Clearly define your goals together for the event roadshow  


Set clearly defined goals for your event. When your event partner understands and agrees upon the success of the event, they can help you create a solution tailored to your desired outcome and deliver your message effectively. When your goals are clear, each production decision becomes easier to make.

If getting sales leads is important to you, the roadshow event company can customise your event to help you sell products or capture relevant details from your attendees. You will be far more satisfied with your efforts if your ROI can be measured.


  • Discuss and agree upon the time and locations for your roadshow   with your roadshow event company

Who do you want to attend your event, and what seasonal factors or holidays could affect attendance? When planning where and when the roadshow will happen, you need to ensure it’s suitable for your audience. A good roadshow event company will be able to clearly offer their expert advice on that.


Be aware of when school holidays, public holidays and special cultural holidays are occurring. If you’re planning to host during a busy time, you need to consider the accessibility and availability of venues, suppliers, services and so on together with your roadshow event company.

  • Harness the power of online search and social media before accepting a roadshow event proposal


Doing clear research on a roadshow event company before agreeing to their services can go a long, long way! Take advantage of the ease of using Google search, Facebook and Instagram to check out your roadshow event company’s past events, reviews and testimonials.


Are you looking for a roadshow logistics management and service for your upcoming series of roadshows? BlackMrkt is a one-stop solution for your roadshows.


With BlackMrkt as your chosen roadshow events company in Singapore, you can be assured that your roadshow event meets 100% of Singapore’s safety guidelines as well as:


  • Helping you launch a new or current product, increasing brand recognition, generating more sales and new leads, and meeting your team’s KPIs for the year.

  • Give you access to an exclusive pool of professional promoters to assist you with ad-hoc activities and roadshows.

  • Provide storage services, allowing you to deploy your roadshow logistics directly from our warehouse, giving you the freedom to plan any last-minute roadshows!

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