Creative Solutions And Ideas for Exhibition and Event Set Up

Creative Solutions And Ideas for Exhibition and Event Set-Up

In this ever-changing industry that is exhibitions, events and roadshows, there is a constant hunt for new exhibition and event set ideas. After all, it is crucial to have newer ideas for your business to emerge from the rest!

Today, even the most experienced exhibitors are always looking for ideas to beat the competition by looking for appealing and innovative ideas for exhibition or event booths to make a mark for their clients!

So, if you’re looking for exhibition and event set up ideas, exhibition activity ideas or just exhibition events examples, you’re in luck! Here are a few cool ways you can spice up your exhibition or event set-up.

Check Out These Creative Solutions and Ideas for Exhibition and Event Set-up


  •   Elevate your space with stunning graphics  

If your budget permits, the use of large-format graphics with high-quality prints and bold fonts will give an enhanced look to your exhibition stand!

Ideally, you should commission an exhibition stand designer who will provide you with an excellent exhibition stand design to help you to get an overview of how your stand will look on the day of the event.

Having impressive graphics will not only seem good and eye-catching but will also attract more customers to your exhibition stand!

  • Stand tall and above all others

Often, most exhibition or event companies fail to consider adding height to the design of their exhibition booth. In fact, utilising height to your benefit does hold great potential!

Check with your show organisers to see how high you can build your stand design. With the right height and design, you can pique the curiosity of attendees across the entire event floor. Big brands often utilise this tactic to great effect during shows! Some of the best exhibition stand ideas that dominate shows are the ones that incorporate height in some other ways.

  • Introduce gamification   into your exhibition event design

Another creative way to set up your exhibition or event stand is to add a gaming element to your stand design that can attract maximum visitors to your booth.

Today, it’s widely admitted that incorporating gamification can leverage engagement among visitors and entice them to stay longer.  The concept of gamification is to use the game’s mechanics to boost the marketing strategy of your exhibition booth.

For example, you can create a game based on your customer’s preferences and the data you want from them such as a quick quiz or interactive puzzle. A successful game will not only get people talking about your event but ultimately drive footfall at your booth.

Not only can it showcase your company’s products and services, but it can also help to improve attendees’ experience and boost brand recall.

  • Give your attendees a break with a lounge & freebies  

Attendees spend all day walking from one exhibition to another. It is tiresome for them since they have to walk the whole time. Hence, as the hours go, the attendees are likely to visit booths that have some form of seating available!

Your booth needs to be one of them. Being able to provide your attendees with lounge seating will let you retain them at your stand longer. Furthermore, they are also more likely to be receptive to any presentation or showcase by your staff. Providing comfortable seating with a laptop or mobile charging points can entice visitors to spend more time in your stand.

BlackMrkt Can Help You With Your Exhibition and Event Setup Needs

If you’re looking for creative exhibition and event set-up ideas, BlackMrkt should be your go-to expert!

We specialize in the fabrication and customization of exhibition and event stands for both indoor and outdoor use, such as:

  • Roll/Pull Up Banner & X-stands

  • Folding Panel Display System

  • Clip Pole Banner Stand

  • Giant Flag Banner / Tear Drop Flag

  • Acrylic Sandwich Frames

  • Kupole System

  • Cut Out Display Standee

  • Brochure Stands

  • Pop Up Displays System & Counters

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